Wednesday, April 16, 2014

27 and counting


He has finally caught up to me and turned 27. We are only 4 months apart but he calls me a "cougar" haha 
I made cupcakes last night for him to have at work and everyone so far is enjoying them. 
I surprised him this morning with 2 balloons and a bottle of jager. The boy doesn't need anything so I figured he can enjoy some of this tonight and put it in the freezer for later. I personally hate jager so he definitely is on his own with that bottle. 
Sleepy, happy and excited all in one picture 
I didn't realize he would love the balloons so much but he did and had to bring them into work this morning to put in his cube. 

Tonight we will go out to Reds on shem creek for dinner and some drinks with a few people which will be fun. I am hoping to see a pretty sunset while we are there :) 

<3 Sara

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hanging with the fishies

Another fun day in the books and I am exhausted. Started the day working legs at the gym then did some grocery shopping. 
I got ready then I went to lunch with my sis and the girls at Smokey Oak which is always yummy! 
I decided I needed a mimosa

We met up with Dave and the kiddos to go to the Aquarium. I actually got a membership so for the next year I can go as much as I want. Shannon got one too so we can all go together whenever. 

We watched the mermaids and honestly they were not good. The ones last weekend in Myrtle Beach were 10 times better from the routine to the costumes. I don't even think the kids enjoyed it. 
They had a few animals out for people to pet. We saw 2 snakes and an alligator which I am not brave enough to touch. 

Sis and I rocking our pirate hats

I love this picture of us!! And look I am wearing shorts. I never ever wear shorts but this year I have finally found some that look good and make me feel comfortable in. Thank God! 

We finished the day off with a very yummy steak dinner followed by strawberry shortcake with mom and dad! I always love sunday dinners they are always yummy!! 

I hate that this fun weekend is over but next weekend is packed full of Easter celebrating so I have something to look forward to! :) 

<3 Sara

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Strawberry fields forever

Today started with a sweaty hour at the gym which always is a good way to start the day. 

My sis picked me up and we met up with Dana, Blake and Bryce for lunch at Chik-fil-a, yum yum. Did I mention these kids are crazy? Haha
Dana and Bryce went their seperate ways but Blake joined us to go pick strawberries. We went out to Wadmalaw to Ambrose Family Farms for picking. I will say this time they were not as big or as red as the last time but we still enjoyed getting the best ones we could find. 

Here's a pic of our dirty feet look at the pic below and you will see how dirty they truly were. 
The kids got to enjoy a tireswing for a bit before we left. I remember as a kid I loved those things. I was always on The ones at the playground in our neighborhood! Poor Kelly was always having to push me haha 
We met a horse on our way out the farm. The kids loved it, I watched from the car because the AC just felt too dang good to leave it. 
See!!!! Gross!!! Showered as soon as I got home. 
Shannon and I both got this shirt. This is the back which I loved and the front has the farms logo. I like getting to support a local farm and I did truly love the shirt. That is a win win in my book. 

Hopefully next time the strawberries will be less picked over but either way we know we will have fun! 

<3 Sara

Friday, April 11, 2014

Downtown stroll

Yesterday afternoon was absolutely gorgeous and I knew I needed to go walk downtown. Dave surprised me and said he was coming to hang out so he got to go with me. Since he is still semi new to Charleston he had never been down here to explore. First stop was the battery and white point gardens where they are doing some construction but still pretty. 

Rainbow Row on the way to waterfront park

He asked me if this is like where spongebob lives haha silly boy 

I absolutely love this picture, it turned out amazing! The coloring is perfect thanks to the sun setting. 
Someone desperately had to potty and these happened to be around the corner! I wouldn't use these but I guess guys don't care. 
Someone found me a pretty flower to naturally I got my picture with it. 
Being silly with the cannons at White Point Gardens we like to have fun! 

The sunset and the palm trees make me happy I absolutely LOVE it! 
It was the perfect afternoon and I love creating great memories. 

Also, My fitbit tracked a TON of extra steps thanks to our walk. I am slightly (not so slightly) obsessed with my steps each day so I loved seeing it say over 13,000 steps!! Woop woop!!! 

<3 Sara

Sunday, April 6, 2014

MB for the day

Saturday morning started a bit early, like 6:15am for me. I only wake up early on weekends for the fun stuff and this was one of those days. Me, mom, Shannon, Izzy and Dave all packed in the suburban and headed to Myrtle Beach. We always love a day trip to MB and Dave had never been so it was bound to be a good time. 
Izzy and I taking a silly picture
Dave took himself a nap there annnnnd on the way home! Sleepy boy! 

We got there and headed straight to the 501 Tanger outlets for some shopping! Dave and I both got shoes for a good deal and some great deals at American Eagle. Shannon and mom got some deals too! 

After that we had lunch then headed to the Ripleys Aquarium at Broadway at the beach. We had not been in years and Daves first visit. We got in for quite cheap with his military discount so that was definitely a plus. 
I love this picture <3 
First we saw the mermaid show. I was not impressed but of course kids would think it was amazing. 
We played around and took quite a bit more pictures you can see here! 

This is always my favorite, the sea turtle 

This boy makes me so darn happy! 

While Mom, Shannon and Izzy finished up in the Aquarium Dave and I headed outside to look around. 

We didn't go very far but we saw Margaritaville and went in a novelty shop. 

We headed back home shortly after. Mom wanted to stop at Tractor Supply and look what we saw! Baby chicks!!! They were so cute and tiny! 

We were beat after a long fun day and definitely chilled the rest of the eveninh when we got home. 

Today was pretty lazy for the most part besides a trip to the gym this morning and cleaning my room a bit this evening. 

Hope yall had a wonderful weekend as well 

<3 Sara