Sunday, May 24, 2015

Outside fun times

Tons of pictures in this post, who am I kidding there always is. 
So still on my weight loss program down to 141.5 this morning and felt skinny for the first time really in awhile. I have felt my body changing but the word skinny felt nice to feel. Now if only that pooch would start going away faster!!! Ugh!!!

We got this kids some breakfast and then they played for awhile. Daddy built them an awesome fort and they loved it. 

I remember making forts all the time as a kid and they were awesome. What kid doesn't love them?

We got dressed then Dave drove the girls to the park and Logan and I rode our bikes and met them. 
We all stopped at one of the bigger ponds to look for an alligator and we saw him. He was on the grass with his mouth open on the other side and it was so neat. Then all of a sudden he ran into the water and was swimming fast. Logan and I ran and the gator stopped. I am wondering if he planned for us to be his breakfast until we ran. Hmmm no thanks, not in the mood to be the eaten Mr. Gator. 
We went on an adventure at the park to this little stream then headed home for lunch and some relaxing. 

Shannon and Lola came over to go to the pool with us. It wasn't super sunny so it wasn't really hot. 

The sequence of events of the girls jumping in the pool. 

This shot of Logan is awesome!!! Dave threw him to catch a frisbee, he loved it. I am soooo glad they are getting this time with Dave. I won't lie it's been tough because Logan has been acting out which I can only assume is because he isn't handling this move thing easily. We are just planning to have as much fun as possible and hope he goes back to our normal well behaved Logan. 

Tomorrow morning we are doing some family pictures which I am thrilled for! I hope they turn out awesome! Then we may go by my parents house then end the day at the pool before the kids leave. We will see how the day turns out! 

<3 Sara

It's a party

Saturday morning started with putting lip gloss on daddy haha

Then we got dressed, went to the gym then grocery shopped. We had a busy busy morning then came home for lunch and cleaning for my 31 party later that afternoon. 
The party was at 5 and all family which was fine with me. I enjoyed being with my family! 

Teddy was bored so he layed down in the kitchen. 
Me and my little Oliver, love him so much. 

Izzy was singing to Oliver, he was quite intrigued. 

Isabelle ended up staying with us after the party for a sleepover. 
Besides a few times of tattletaling on eachother I think it went really well. They all went to bed before 10 and slept great! 

Today has been really chill so far, maybe pool later. We shall see! 

<3 Sara

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Soccer with friends

Wednesday after work and school me, Dave and the kids went over to the Newmans to play and eat dinner. They made a super yummy dinner which I always love when Mr. Newmans cooks on the grill (sir grill master). We headed outside so their new pup could get a bath and the kids took out the soccer ball. 
I loved this quote I found on pinterest the other day, it's so true! There was a lot of laughter that evening so our day was not wasted. 
Dave played for a little bit too. 

Action shot of Jesse, love this boy. 
Alayna looking so serious!

Tank getting a bath, bulldogs always look grumpy but he is so cute! 

We had such a great time with our friends as always!! 

So as I write this it's saturday morning and we have the kids. We had them last weekend too BUT we found out yesterday they will be moving to New Jersey next Sunday. It super sucks but due to personal reasons for their mom it's what has to happen. We are planning to spend as much time with them and have as much fun as we can before they leave. Dave's already planning to go up there in July and they may come here for 2 weeks before school. So we will obviously still see them just not near as often or even enough. If you're the praying type please keep them in your prayers. Those kids love their daddy and I can tell they don't truly understand that they are moving not just going to visit. Sucks but it is what it is! Guess i'll be finally visiting Jersey in the next few months! 

Have a happy Saturday, I know we will!

<3 Sara

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Our Sunday was a bit different but just as fun as our saturday! We got up and headed to church. I had to be there early since I was volunteering for First Impressions (which I love). Mom took my car to Costco to get my tires rotated while I was there. So glad she did because it took them over 2hours so I wouldn't have made it home in time for our bbq. 
After church we had Kicken Chicken with our Newmans. The kids made silly faces with the chicken while waiting for our friends. Haha they are nuts! After lunch I got my car then we all headed back to the apartment. 

Dave invited a few of his coworkers over with their wives for a bbq. I invited my sis and the girls then Dana and Blake came too. We had such a fun time! A big thanks to Warren for all the food even though I couldn't eat any of it because of my diet. Boo! It looked good though! 
Lola jumping backwards into the pool!
Silly faces with Alayna! 
Everyone having fun! 

Alayna showing me her muscles! Haha she did this on her own and asked me to take her picture! 
The grill master :)

By the time everyone left and the kids got picked up I was ready for bed at um like 7! Haha I didn't go to sleep but we definitely layed around while watching tv the rest of the night. 

Such a great weekend!! 

<3 Sara

CG base tour

Last saturday was downright FUN!! We had the kids and my aunt Theresa invited us to the Coast Guard base for a free even they were having. 
Bathroom selfie before we left the apt. 

Aunt Theresa and Uncle David all dressed up outside the base giving out maps. They looked so cool! 

Izzy helping Alayna down the ramp since she was scared. They are such sweet friends! I love that my nieces love Daves kids. 
We got to go on like 8 boats at least, one of them was the sheriffs office boat! The kids loved it! 

The crew walking down the dock to go tour one last boat. We got to see where the crew lives too which was quite cool. They were there to answer questions which was also very informative. I could not live on a boat like that. 

These kids are so lucky to have such a great male role model in their lives! Dave is such a great dad and BFF (Izzy ;)) 
We went to have lunch at my parents house. They just got back from vaca and brought us fun gifts. Mine is the headband above, dave got a hat, logan got a shark and alayna got a pool ball. Thanks mom and dad, we love them and you! 
We headed to the AFB after to get some groceries and Logan begged Dave for a haircut so they both got one. 
I got some pretty flowers too :)
We headed to the pool for a bit, had dinner then hanging out until bed time. 
I'm pretty sure we all slept great that night, fun in the sun will do that to you. 

Making memories, enjoying life!

<3 Sara