Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Frankies Fun Park

Sunday morning I got in a good workout, showered, had lunch then headed to Frankies Fun Park. Dave and I met up with Shannon and Ryan for some mini golf. 
The weather could not have been more perfect. We had such a fun time. 

And I won :) I got 2 hole in 1's go me!!! 

Next Ryan did the batting cages while we watched. He was pretty good at it. 

Then we went into the arcade to spend too much $$. Krystal met us there to play a few games since she lives like 5 mins or less away. 

We had a TON of tickets so we got a few prizes including this cute monkey! 

We all went out for some TCBY after and got to eat outside. Again it was such a beautiful day, no need to stay inside. 

Then we went to my house for a yummy ham dinner and to spend time with the fam!! I loveeeeee spiral ham it is always one of my favorites. Then Dave and I finished the day with more Walking Dead. We are obsessed with this show. I can't wait to see how the rest of the seasons go. Who knew a zombie show would be so interesting! 

<3 Sara

Monday, October 20, 2014

2 more

2 more pictures regarding Race for the cure. Top picture is my doctors office, I thought their door decor was so pretty today when I saw it. 

The pic of Dave below I just love, this pic makes me smile. That boy is always smiling no matter what life throws at him. God will always protect him and we have to trust in him to always provide. :) Let go and let God, just sayin! 

Hope everyone had a great monday!

<3 Sara

Race for the Cure 2014

Another Race for the Cure in the books, my third to be exact, Dave's first. 

Friday night we did the annual party for the cure where we ate yummy food, met our team, got our shirts and had our plan for Saturday morning discussed. The people are so nice so I always enjoy these parties even though there's always a bunch of people I am meeting for the first time. 
We had a great time and let's just say the cupcakes with cream cheese filling were devoured. They were amazing!!!! After the party Dave and I watched more Walking Dead then it was off to bed. 

Saturday morning the alarm went off at 6.... Hated waking up that early on a weekend. We got all dressed up and headed to Daniel Island to meet the group. 
I finally got myself a tutu this year and I loved it. It just brightened up my entire outfit which I was happy about.

We had quite a group this year with lots of kiddos. This might be the last year doing it as an organized group so we went out with a BIG group! 
Nor and myself, she puts all the work in to getting the group together. We are the Wanda Warriors in honor of her mom Ms. Wanda! 
Dave and I were pretty much on our own most of the time which was fine. We wanted to walk around to all the vendors for our free stuff like koozies and pink shoelaces. We did 2 photo booths which were so fun and we loved getting to see how everyone dressed up! 

We met back up with everyone to start the race together. We ended up leaving most of the group mainly because we just walk faster and they had some strollers slowing them down. We walked with my friend Veronica for a good mile then walked with a few of our teammates the last mile. 
We waited at the end and crossed the finish line as a group!! 
I don't know why but I love this pic of Dave. This was us finishing the race, loved the balloon archway at the end. 

The 3 pictures below I found online and they are out of order. 
This was one of him and I that a company took and posted to their fb. 
This one company took hundreds of photos and I actually found us in two photos! We are in the middle left of the pic below! 
No clue if we will do it next year but I can definitely say we had fun this year and I am glad Dave joined me! 

<3 Sara

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanks Columbus

Yesterday we had a day off which extended our weekend all thanks to Columbus. I am not complaining one bit even though I was off work a lot of last week (thanks sickness) it still felt great to have monday off. 
Dave and I went to the halloween store around the corner and had fun! I needed a pink tutu for Race for th Cure and we looked for costumes for him and Logan. 
He got a jason mask with a knife (to include the blood) and Logan got a really cool ninja costume. I really hope Logan likes his costume and gets to wear it more than once. The church is having a little halloween thing for the kids on the 29th that Dave hopes to take the kids to. 
We went to Walmart then hung out the rest of the day.  Oh and we started the Walking Dead which was quite interesting! 4 seasons on Netflix so we will be busy at night for a few weeks at least! :)

Today was quite a busy workday so I got a good workout in after. I needed it and feel amazing!! Now time to figure out whats for dinner...decisions decisions! 

Love a really random post haha 

<3 Sara

Monday, October 13, 2014

Beautiful day

Sunday really was a pretty great day! The weather was so nice so we spent a good bit of time outside. 

Our day started with church which was great because our friend Heather came with us for the first time. I never asked if she enjoyed it but I hope she did. After church we all (me, Dave, kiddos, Ashley, Mike, Jesse and Heather) went to lunch at Hubee Dees. The food was pretty good and I enjoyed getting to spend some time with my friends. 
After lunch we went to my house and both my sisters ended up being there which is kinda rare these days for us all to be there at the same time. I enjoyed spending time with my family. I am also glad mom saved some of my toys and has added toys to the collection, the kids loved playing with everything. They really did behave very well. Speaking of good behavior their sunday school teacher said they were the most behaved out of the whole class. I know Dave loves hearing that, nobody wants their kids to behave badly. They really are good kids!! 

Since they had been so good all weekend we took them to "the beach" or really just Sunrise Park which has that tiny beach. 
They had a blast running all around and looking for shells to take home. 

Dave took this top picture then snapped a gazillion after and I actually liked the one below. Thats me laughing at him because he is so silly. 
We left, went to Target then back to the house to relax until their mom came. I made meatloaf for dinner and they all tore it up. Logan told me it was his most favorite meal ever. So I guess I will make that one again especially if the kids are over. 
While eating I asked Alayna what her favorite part of the weekend was. She said THE BEACH!! So needless to sat I think they had a great weekend! 

I was just thankful to finally feel better after a whole week of being sick. We did have a great weekend though and today since theres no work I have no clue BUT i am going to the gym since that hasn't happened in a few days!! 

<3 Sara

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Is it really fall??

Saturday I finally after 7 days felt semi normal and actually got to enjoy the day. I truly pray I never end up with a serious illness because I would probably go nuts having to be home all the time and feeling sick constantly. 

So anywho after a rather lazy morning we had lunch and then headed out. The kiddos kept asking for a park so we decided to take them to the North Charleston Riverfront Park. They had never been before and they get so excited to explore new places. 
The park was pretty fun but some of the stuff was so HOT since there was not much shade around there. 
After playing we walked around and the kids spotted the spray fountain area meant for playing in. 

Let's just say we were not prepared for this. However it was so hot and there were lots of other kids playing so how could we say no? They seriously LOVED it and I did too. My clothes stayed dry unlike theirs haha I only got my legs wet. 

We walked around some more to let them dry off just a little bit. It semi worked then it was back home. 
The kids decided they wanted to go to the pool. How they swam in that cold water is beyond me. Dave jumped in for a few minutes but my feet were all that was going in for me. 

It was a pretty darn good day. I slept hard thanks to still having less energy thanks to being sick. 

Sunday was quite fun too but I shall blog about that later :) 

<3 Sara

Saturday, October 11, 2014

My week

So most of my week looked like this picture. I had been sick since last Sunday but was able to make it to work some of the week. I think I had some type of flu but not really a stomach flu. Thankfully today I am starting to feel somewhat better. 
Here's a costume I got Alayna for less than $10 at Tinytadpoles on James Island. Great store for kid stuff. 

So last night was the Navy Ball that I have looked forward to for months. Unfortunately I still felt terrible so my sister did what an great sister would do. She went in my place so my boy wouldn't have to go alone. She wore my dress too which she looked so pretty in. 

It sounds like they had so much fun and I can't wait to get to go next year!! 

Hopefully today I will finally get to have some fun!! :) Happy Saturday everyone!! 

<3 Sara