Wednesday, April 15, 2015

25th Anniversary

This past Sunday our church celebrated 25 years! What is really awesome about that though is my family was there from the start. I think it is so awesome to look back and see how many memories I have with this church there are too many to list. However a few of the great ones are playing with all my friends, learning about God, singing, camping trips to the James Island County Park, so many youth outings/trips and getting baptized by Pastor Chris in the Atlantic Ocean out on Folly and my dad having to help because the current was so strong. How many can say their dad was RIGHT there when they got baptized, I can :) those are just a few but there are SO many more. 
I drifted from Coastal for a few years but last mothers day mom asked us to go as her gift. God knew what he was doing when he had mom ask that. Shannon and I both have been going and recently I started volunteering. 
I have only so far handed out bulletins, smiled and said good morning but it has made an impact on me already. Dave started security and is loving it and meeting other Christian guys which is awesome. We both would love more christian friends to add to the awesome ones we already have. 

So this service was really about memories and what Pastor Chris and Coastal has done and meant to people. There were many tears shed and reunions with people we haven't seen in many years. 
After the service they had a HUGE tent out back with catered lunch (amazing fried chicken), a dance floor with a dj and cornhole. 
We had a really good time at the party. 

Dave playing frisbee with some of the kids. 
My family just missing Krystal. I am so blessed with such an amazing family. 

Dave just had to get a selfie with Pastor Chris and one of his new friends Greg jumped in, so funny! 

We headed to mom and dads after then unexpectedly mom and I took Chase to the vet at Petsmart because his leg was hurting him. Come to find out he had a uti and arthritis flare up, poor guy. We had to leave him for like an hour so mom and I did a little shopping. 

We got back to the house around 530 then Dave and I headed home to gey dinner and get stuff ready for monday! 

Sunday was such a great day! 

<3 Sara

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Saturday fun

On saturday am my sis asked if we wanted to go shopping and get lunch. We had nothing planned for the day and it sounded fun! I got in a quick workout first while Dave got all the kids summer clothes out. So since I have 2 older nieces Alayna makes out like a bandit. Girlfriend has 17 bathing suits and a million dresses among other clothes. Thank God Logan only slightly cares but we make sure he has cute clothes when we find good deals. 
So we met up with Shannon and Izzy at La Hacienda at the Tanger to get some lunch. It was soooo yummy but I haven't felt that bloated in forever. Too much sodium! 
We were being silly! 
This sangria was to die for!!! 

We went shopping for an hour or so. She needed to get the girls summer clothes and we were looking for shoes. We ended up with no shoes but scored a few good things for Logan! The flip flops were $2.99, I spent less than $50 on all of this, win! 
Dave and I headed to the commissary for some grocery shopping. We got home then went to JCPenny where I found an awesome maxi and he got sneakers on clearance win winnnn! We got home and chilled the rest of the evening! Sunday was going to be busy so being lazy the rest of the day was perfect! 

<3 Sara

Sunday, April 12, 2015

It's OPEN!!

Not related to my post at all but I got my hair done wednesday! Toned up the blonde and cut a good 3inches off. It feels soooo much healthier! 

So I got home thursday after a crazzzzzy afternoon at work and went to walk Teddy. I got home and went in the apt gym for some upper body and realized there was no pool closed sign on the gate. 
I asked to be 100% but the pool is OPEN!! I am so thrilled and can't wait to spend some time there over the next few months. 
It was really warm and Dave was playing video games so I changed shoes and walked back over to put my feet in. 
Sunshine, quiet time and feet in the pool made for a really great 30mins of my afternoon. It's really the small things sometimes that make a big difference in your day! So from here on out you may see lots of fun at the pool pics. I applogize now ;)

Enjoy your Sunday!! Our church is celebrating 25years today and it's going to be awesome!

<3 Sara

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wanda Day 2015

3 years ago this last Monday my friend Norrissia lost her mother to cancer. She is the reason we have done Race for the Cure the last 3 years as well. Wanda Warriors we are! 

This was my first time attending Wanda day as Nor calls it. She had a few people over to send up balloons to her mom and to just spend time together. 

I haven't seen Nor as much lately so this was a great time to see her and celebrate her moms life. Wanda was such a sweet lady and made a killer homemade mango salsa!! I hope when I get to heaven she will make me some ;) delish! 

These girls are growing up SO quick, it's crazy! 

It was time to do the balloons, mine is below. 

All the girls who came and the kiddos. 
This is the shot Nor poured for her mom and then later she took the shot for her mom. 
Getting the lantern ready, I had only seen these on tv so it was cool to do this. 
Our 6 balloons are the dark spots and the lantern is the bright spot. It was a happy yet emotional moment sending them up to her but so great. 
Shots shots shots shots shots everrrrybody haha or just Nor. 

We may not see eachother all the time but there will always be a spot in my heart for this crazy girl! We have known eachother for at least 5 years now. I hope to see her more and be intentional about doing so.  
Wanda day was a success and I hope to be apart of more of then to honor Ms. Wanda! 

<3 Sara

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lunch and the aquarium

After church we went with Shannon and the girls over to King Street Grille at the mall for some lunch. We decided to sit outside on the patio which was super nice when the sun was shining but when the clouds came it was a bit chilly unfortunately. 
 a mimosa after church :) heck a mimosa anytime is a good thing. Rare but good :)
 There was nobody else out there which was a win for us and the kids because they got to run around and not disturb anyone. You know how going out to eat with kids can be. 

 We enjoyed our food and time together except for having to fight with Alayna a bit  to eat but once she finally did all was good. Getting kids to eat sometimes is just not easy but sorry she wasn't going to be wasting my money. 
 After lunch we went down to the aquarium which I won't lie I really didn't want to go but the kids did and this was their last opportunity to go before our membership expires. I do think we will re-up our membership but it won't be anytime real soon seeing as it's $120. 

 We all hung out for a bit when we got home then I went for a walk. I got back and Alayna and I decided to go explore you know as usual now. We had some dinner then they went home to mommy. When they left I was SO tired, this weekend was just jam packed with fun and it wore me out. 
 I am thinking next weekend is going to be a bit more chill. No kids and no real plans so far and I am so ok with that. I wouldn't mind just working out, hanging out and doing church.

Weekend posts complete :) I am happy!!!