Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I saw someone post about what they are thankful for and I really liked it so I thought I would share my list as well.
1. I am thankful first and foremost for my God, he loves me despite all my mess ups and imperfections and knowing that I have a place in Heaven with him is the most comforting feeling in the world.
2. I am thankful for everyone in this picture below. My family is my everything and I love them unconditionally!
 3. My friends, I may not have as many as I once did but the ones I have are really awesome. I wish we saw each other more but life just gets BUSY! No matter how much time passes we always pick right back up where we left off.
4. My job. It provides a comfortable life for me and I don't hate it which most people can't say. I am truly blessed by great co-workers and amazing bosses. In fact one of my big bosses just stopped by to tell me to have a Happy Thanksgiving, and you can truly tell they really do care.
5. I am thankful for my health (even though I am currently sick) overall my health is pretty darn good except for the little random sicknesses that everyone gets. Losing weight and eating healthier has helped so much too.
5. FREEDOM. I am so thankful to live in a country where I am not controlled to great lengths and we are not tortured or living in war zones. I can't even watch the news most days because it saddens me to see what happens in so many other countries. Our military fight hard to keep us safe and provide us this freedom and I appreciate it.
I could truly list many many many more things to be thankful for but overall I am thankful for LIFE. Almost daily (sometimes I forget to pray tisk tisk) I thank God for the life he has given me because I know I am truly blessed.
I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving with tons of yummy food. I am excited for tomorrow, it will be more intimate with just my immediate family and mom is planning to teach us her recipes! Plus Dave and the kids will be with us, his trip to New Jersey got cancelled because of his pneumonia. While I hate he missed his trip I am really glad he is with me for the holiday.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Disney on Ice

 Alayna wearing daddies sunglasses before going to the doctor Sunday morning.
Logan and I went to pick up Isabelle because her and I had a date to see Disney on Ice Sunday afternoon as one of her birthday presents.
 I would say she might have been a little spoiled. Cotton candy and one of those spinny light up toys.

The show was pretty good but I definitely would go for the cheaper seats next time just because it wasn't AMAZING and worth $25 a seat! It was definitely still worth seeing though don't get me wrong. I think Isabelle enjoyed it thoroughly! I enjoyed spending some one on one time with just her and I, it is quite rare these days! I felt bad I didn't take Logan and Alayna but they were supposed to be in Jersey. I am not sure Logan would have liked it anyway but I know Alayna would have. There is always next time!
Hope everyone has a great short week of work!! Today has been less than desireable for me here but hey it is almost over, 1 more hour!

MineCraft Party

I don't think I have ever been ok with a weekend being over, ever. Now don't get me wrong there was plenty of fun but the sickies oh man! Now on to some of the fun from Saturday....
My cousin Matthew turned 11 and they had a HUGE minecraft party out at his house on Johns Island aka the country. I am so glad Dave was feeling well enough to be able to come with us because I hated for him to miss another weekend of fun with the kids. Last weekend he was out for the count with a fever etc..
When we first got there they had photoprops, the first one was a thing of TNT they had to sit on. Then there was one with a huge spider which Alyana was not impressed with. I told her it was fake but I guess it just looked a little too real for her.
 While waiting on everyone else to arrive we got to go check out the chickens, swing and the kids played with a bunch of balls, basically throwing/kicking them at each other.

Shannon, Bubs and me!
 I hate that this picture is blurry on here, I love this one of the girls!
 I really like this picture mom got of Logan
 Here is the giant spider :)

 Bubs on the TNT, how stinkin cute is he, I mean REALLY he is so cute!

The delicious cake, I got a tiny piece and it was plenty. VERY sweet but very good!

 They had a ton of games to play. One was searching for treasure in a pool, then throwing water balloons and balls at a tower they created, and one last thing was building a house out of boxes.

 Dave was a party animal!

 Beautiful sun starting to set on the way home!
We got home and the first thing the kids got to do was take a bath, they were filthy!! We had dinner then we all just hung out for a little bit.
 A little before bedtime Alayna told me she was really itchy and asked for lotion. Last time she was itchy it was dry skin so I didn't think much of it. She came back later and said she was still itchy, I told her if it gets bumpy to let me know and then she said its bumpy. I took her into the kitchen (better lighting) and she was covered in hives on her tummy and her back. Covered her in Benadryl cream and hoped it would go away. Sunday morning it was a small space on her back the cream cleared it up. It was not over as we thought it was.... her mom picked her up later she was fine, played outside and it came back. Apparently it is a viral infection that she already had and the cold air made her break out in hives... I am no doctor but it sounds crazy to me. Hopefully Benadryl will help it stay away. I felt so bad for her, being itchy is not a fun time!
Not of fan of this worrying deal that comes with kids being sick but I guess that is part of "parenting".
Hopefully when they come back on Tuesday night there will be no hives etc...